IOP Beach Chair offers a number of beach services including umbrella rentals. we professionally set up commercial-grade beach lounge chairs and 7.5′ drilled umbrellas on the beach daily. You can rent for the day or for the week. There are a variety of rental options that offer daily, multiple-day, and weekly price breaks.

All of our umbrella rentals are available upon request with free delivery to anywhere on the Isle of Palms, Wild Dunes, and Sullivan’s Island. Our umbrella rentals are commercial-grade quality and guaranteed to provide you with shade from the sun to ensure ultimate relaxation.

Don’t buy beach equipment when you arrive at your destination. Rent them using our easy rental process. Save yourself time, energy, and money. Call us at (843) 670-1009, or visit our online booking site to reserve your umbrella rentals online. Here, you can select the first and last day you wish to rent. Our umbrella rentals start at $16.15 per day.

Tip:  If the calendar shows red, we are sold out.

The benefits of renting your beach equipment with our services outweigh having to lug them in your car. It’s a pain having to make room for them in your car, and all your luggage. Not to mention, you don’t have to lug everything to the beach and spend countless time getting everything set up for you and your family. That’s where IOP Beach Chair Comes into play. As a family-owned business we know just how exhausting travel can be. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and enjoy your relaxing vacation.

So why exactly do we think it’s a better idea to rent vs. buy your beach umbrellas?

  1. Reduce your waste. Most chairs and umbrellas for sale at stores are made of plastic and inexpensive metal and do not last long. The umbrellas that local stores sell are unable to combat the high winds of our coast on Isle of Palms, rendering them “single-use”. Our rentals chairs are made in the USA from solid oak and our umbrellas are wood and marine-grade canvas. We are able to reuse our products over and over.
  2. It is less expensive to rent than to buy. We keep our rates as low as possible to be able to serve as many people as we can with our beach services.
  3. Support family-owned local businesses. We are a small, family-owned business and work to support the island we love by patronizing other local companies. 

We are the premier beach chair and beach umbrella rental company on the Isle of Palms. Your experience visiting our beautiful beach matters tremendously to us. If you are looking for a little less heat, a beach umbrella will provide a little bit of shade while enjoying the coast for longer periods of time.  We cater to your specific vacation needs, and we are ready to help you whether you need a future rental package or a last-minute, same-day rental right now.