Beach Chair Rentals

  • What time are my chairs set up and taken down?

    Our beach crew begins setting up chairs and umbrellas at sunrise which is typically around 6am. Because we cover such a large area, we guarantee set up by 10 am. We begin taking down at 5:00pm and will do our best to give you as much time on the beach as possible.

    We are required by city law to take equipment off of the beach by dark.

  • How do I know which set is mine?

    Every set will have a “Reserved” name-tag attached to the back of one of the chairs. It will have your last name, location, quantities of chairs and umbrellas and your end or change-of-order date.

  • Where will my chairs be set up on the beach?

    We will place your chairs and umbrellas at the high tide mark at the beach access nearest to your house or condo, unless you specify a different location.

  • What time is the tide each day?

    Coastal areas like Isle of Palms experience two high and two low tides every 24 hours and 50 minutes. High tides occur 12 hours and 25 minutes apart and change every day. For example, high tide could occur at 12pm on your first day and then, again, around 12:50pm the following day and so on.

    Isle of Palms is known to have very large tides, so it is not unusual to have the ocean water within a few feet of your equipment at one point during the day and then a hundred yards away a few hours later.

  • What happens if it rains?

    Isle of Palms has amazing summer weather, but with the coastal breezes and sunshine come pop-up rain and thunderstorms. We do not accept cancellations or refunds during the day of minor inclement weather. The only time that we will issue weather-based refunds is when there is a tropical system that requires government issued beach evacuation or we are unable to set-up equipment based on extreme weather conditions.

  • What do I do if I need to cancel?

    We accept cancellations 48 hours in advance of your guaranteed set-up time. For example, if your start day is Monday, we will issue a full refund for cancellations made by 10 am on Saturday or before.

    Please note that we are family-owned and we care about our customers. If there is a medical emergency within your reservation group, we offer flexibility in extenuating circumstances.

  • Do I need to reserve in advance?

    Most people find that making their reservation in advance is helpful and typically costs less when placed online.

    We do offer same-day services and are typically able to set-up a new order on the beach within 30-90 minutes.


Bikes & Accessories

  • How do I know what size bike to order?

    Over 5 ft 2 in 26”
    4 ft 6in to 5ft 2 in 24”
    3 ft 8in to 4ft 6in 20”
    Under 3ft 8 in 16”

  • Are the bikes gender-specific?

    No. All of our beach cruisers are unisex.

  • When are my bikes delivered?

    If you have ordered in advance, your bikes will be delivered on the day that you requested between 2pm-7pm. If you order after your arrival, we will deliver bikes based on availability. In most cases, same-day delivery is possible when orders are placed before 1pm. After 1pm, delivery may be the following afternoon.

  • Where are my bikes placed?

    If you are staying in a private home, they are delivered directly to your residence and will be locked up together. If you are staying in a hotel or condo, they are locked up at the bike rack closest to your building. Bikes will have a tag with your last name for identification.

  • How do I get the code for my bike lock?

    We text the lock combination to the phone number that you provided. Text is sent the day before or day of your scheduled delivery. If you do not provide a cell phone number, you will need to call us for the combination.

  • Can I ride bikes on the beach?

    Yes. Most people find the beach to be a perfect place to take a bike ride. We do ask that you keep the bikes out of the tide pools, puddles and the ocean because of the erosive qualities of the salt water.


please allow for 48 hours notice

The customer will not be charged if cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to the first rental day.

We do not issue refund for inclement weather, unless it is a named hurricane and local authorities have issued an evacuation and/or we are unable to set up chairs on the beach safely.


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refunds are per case basis

We offer refund on a case per case basis. If we made a mistake and your order was not set up, we will issue a refund. Please see “Cancellations” for our weather policy.

We do not issue refunds for rain.


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