IOP Beach Chair Rental is a family-owned and operated business founded on the idea of making traveling for vacationers easier and more relaxing. At IOP Beach Chair Rental, we professionally set up commercial-grade beach lounge chairs and umbrellas on the beach daily. We do the heavy lifting for you while you relax in Isle of Palms or Wild Dunes. Just give us a call the night before, and we will have your chairs and umbrellas set up by 9:30 am ready for you to enjoy.

It’s better to rent at the beach

Have you ever had to lug all your dirty rusty beach chairs from your garage to your family beach vacation? IOP Beach Chair Rental makes it so that you can save all that hassle, and room in your car. We do all the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is call us and we will have your chairs and umbrellas waiting for you in the sand when you get there. This is why it’s so much better to rent at the beach. As a family-owned business, IOP Beach Chair Rental knows how important travel is to families. We also know how exhausting it can be. We can assure you that renting your chairs and umbrellas at your destination will alleviate some of your traveling stresses. It’s also a lot less expensive to rent than to buy.

IOP has the best beach chair options

At IOP Beach Chair Rental, we have the best beach chair options for you and your family. Our chairs are extremely comfortable, commercial-grade quality. The blue chairs and umbrellas easily stick out on the beach making them easy for you to find. Along with offering chair and umbrella renting services, we also offer our vacation-going customers bikes and bike accessories, surfboards, paddle-boards, beach carts, and sand accessible wheelchairs.

Easy rental process

Since our goal is to make your traveling process easier, we had made it so that our rental process is easy as well. You can place an order straight from our website and we will get the process going for you. With our beach chair packages, you can select the first day you want to rent them and to your last. This package starts at $23 per set per day. If you place an order before 7 pm the night before, your chairs will be set up on the beach by 9:30 am. If you place your order between 7 p.m.-9:30 a.m. for that day, your order will be set up on the beach by 11 a.m. For SAME-DAY orders placed after 9:30 a.m., your order will be set up on the beach within 1hr-1.5h.