beach cart

Vacation on Isle of Palms sounds exciting and relaxing until you realize you have to haul toys, beach chairs, towels, coolers, snacks, and tents down to the beach. What sounded enjoyable, now feels like a workout. What if you had a beach cart that could carry all of your beach accessories? That would make your trip easier. 

Fewer Items to Carry When you Have a Beach Cart

When you go to the beach there are so many items you must-have, especially if you have kids. Noodles, floats, hats, and endless beach toys just to name a few. When you use a beach cart from IOP Beach Chair you are able to compile all of your beach essentials in one place. This allows you to not have numerous bags and coolers breaking your shoulders. You are able to put them all in the cart. 

Fewer Trips Down to the Beach 

A cart also allows you to make fewer trips from the beach house or parking lot because you have everything in your cart. It is always a pain to have to go back and forth when all you want to do is sit back and relax with a book in your hands. Since you will be able to take fewer trips transporting your beach items you will be able to maximize your time on the beach. 


When you plan a day on the beach you will account for being there for hours so it is important you can store your stuff throughout the day. A beach cart can provide useful storage while you’re out fishing or you’re baking in the sun. 

Avoid Forgetting Items 

So many items are needed on the beach and it is easy to forget something when packing for the beach. When you use a beach cart you will be less likely to forget items because you’ll be able to see all you packed in your cart.

Book your Beach Cart 

Now that you can’t imagine going to the beach without your handy dandy beach cart you need to book one. IOP Beach Chair offers carts starting at $65 for the first week and $8 a day. Our carts are able to transport even the heaviest of beach gear. They also fold conveniently for easy transport.