fall beach day

We are in the middle of autumn, but locals in Charleston know that beach days don’t need to end when the summer ends. In fact, you’ll find that a fall beach day can actually be even more relaxing than one spent in the summer sun. In October and November, the average temperatures in Charleston range from 67 degrees to 75 degrees, but we’re also accustomed to seeing a few days hit the 80s. Fortunately, the Isle of Palms Beach Chairs team can help get you set up for the perfect day relaxing and enjoying the beautiful autumn temperatures. Charleston is considered one of the top cities in the U.S., and your vacation to our southern city is not complete without a trip to the beach. Here are some of our top benefits of a fall beach day in Charleston:

Fewer Crowds

Enjoying fewer crowds at the beach makes for a more enjoyable day from start to finish. Fewer people at the beach means that you can find the perfect spot and really spread out and hunker down for a day of relaxation. Just pack your beach bag, and at IOP Beach Chairs, we’ll take care of the rest. In addition to having more space on the beach, fewer crowds mean more opportunities for easy access to parking, fewer wait times at surrounding restaurants, and more.

Enjoyable Temperatures

Visitors to Charleston may worry that the fall is too chilly for a beach trip, but they may not realize how warm autumn is down south. While a beach day in the middle of summer may seem ideal, in reality, the Charleston summers can be a little too hot for some tourists. Coupling temperatures in the 90s with humidity and warm ocean water, summer down south can certainly be hotter than you may expect. On the other hand, a fall beach day is comparable to a summer beach day in the northeast, making it more enjoyable for some visitors accustomed to cooler weather.

More Things to Find 

After a couple of weeks of fewer patrons at the beach, you’d be surprised to see what you’re able to find in the sand. The Charleston area beaches, including Isle of Palms, are full of treasures for the collectors in your family. Shells, shark’s teeth, and other fossils are waiting for you on a calm fall beach day.


Charleston is known as a culinary town, but this doesn’t mean that the only good restaurants are located on the downtown peninsula. All of the Charleston area beaches have proximate restaurants with unique and delicious cuisine. Enjoy fall flavors mixed in with local dishes, all without having to wait hours for a table.


Cooler temperatures and fewer crowds allow you to fully relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach. Call up Isle of Palms Beach Chairs, pack a light towel or blanket and a book, and you’ll be set to take in the sounds of the ocean without having to worry about a stray football being thrown your way. We want you to enjoy your vacation, which is why a Charleston beach day can provide the perfect day of relaxation amidst a busy trip.

Book Your Beach Equipment 

Locals will tell you that fall is the best time of year in the Lowcountry. On Isle of Palms, we’re happy to provide you with a relaxing vacation at any point in the year. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your beach chairs and other beach equipment to reap all of the benefits of a fall beach day. You can give us a call at 843.670.1009 or book through our website.