beach umbrella and two chairs on the beach

Who doesn’t love a little extra sun in the summer? We all want to have sunkissed skin that glows. A day at the beach with friends and family catching all the rays sounds perfect until you get home and look at your skin. The redness from the awful sunburn starts to appear making it hard to be comfortable and sleep. What if you would’ve used the umbrella your mom always said to use and some sunscreen? You probably would be less red and able to sleep. There is importance when it comes to umbrella protection. You need to know the fabric of the umbrella, and the coating of your umbrella. 

The Fabric of Umbrellas Matters

Your beach umbrella is a direct barrier that blocks ultraviolet rays, so it is a must to choose the right fabric for your umbrella. The material that makes up the cloth on your umbrella has different types. The following are types of fabrics you see on umbrellas in the market. 

Polyester, which can also be called polyester fiber. The texture of this fabric is very hard. When you run it on your hands you will hear a rustling sound. The creases of this fabric are extremely visible, the advantage is it is strong and wear-resistant and has a high degree of protection from the sun. 

Oxford is a type of fabric that is cheaper, used on outdoor sun umbrellas, and has a thick cloth. 

Canvas is a thick texture that is great for upholding in harsh weather conditions. It is divided into polyester cotton and pure cotton. 

Shading Principle 

The shading principle includes UV blocking with coating and UV filtering without coating. 

UV Blocking method (shading and sun protection) 

When an umbrella is coated it uses the UV blocking method (shading and sun protection), which is made up of silver glue, pearl glue, and color glue. The method of UV blocking works by blocking the light source to achieve the principle of blocking ultraviolet rays. 

Silver Coating Fabric 

Silver plastic consists of good quality and low-cost sunshade cloth. The principle of sun protection is to brush the silver glue on the general fabric to play a role in blocking the ultraviolet rays. The disadvantage of this method is the silver glue on the umbrella surface falls off easily and the sun protection is usually UPF>30. 

Pearlescent Coating Fabric

The pearlescent glue is usually brushed on the umbrella surface with silver glitter in the sun, general sun protection, and easy to fall off. It has a UPF>30. When this fabric is under the sun it stands out with its many colors

Black Coating Fabric 

This coating knows the importance of umbrella protection and is brushed with vinyl and has better sun protection than silver adhesive. 

Color Coating Fabric 

The color coating fabric has an internal silver coating, colorful color glue that is not easy to fall off, and the sun protection is very good. ‘

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