We’ve all heard the opening lines of a famous poem; “Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” The salt water at the Isle of Palms is ideal for swimming, surfing, paddle-boarding, and engaging in other beach sports, but staying hydrated takes some preplanning.

Pack With Hydration in Mind

While some vendors may sell water and other beverages along popular beaches, it’s best not to count on this unreliable and often expensive source of hydration. A far better option is to carry in your own beverages. Be sure to bring only plastic beverage containers. Reusable cups and bottles are preferable and carry out everything you bring in. Help keep our pristine beaches beautiful by carrying out any containers you bring in.

Choose your Hydration Carefully

Water is the undisputed best choice for summer hydration. It replenishes the body’s stores directly, without the need for filtering through the liver or kidneys. All fluids add water to the body, of course, but caffeine has a diuretic effect which causes you to lose more precious liquid, and sodas and sports drinks contain far too much sugar, forcing your body to excrete more water to rid itself of the excess. Water is the best choice for hydration. If you’d like more flavor, consider infusing your water with fruit.

Get Creative with Hydrating Snacks

When packing snacks, avoid dried fruits and granola, both of which contain excess sugar. Instead, consider packing fresh fruit or vegetables, especially water-heavy items like cucumber, watermelon, celery, and citrus fruits. By taking in liquid with your food, you increase your body’s overall supply of liquid.

Staying Hydrated with Frequent Breaks from the Sun

A sunburn causes damage to your body’s protective covering- the skin. Remember to apply sunscreen regularly, especially after sweating or swimming, and avoid prolonged sun exposure. A burn can cause you to dehydrate faster, as the skin can no longer keep water from evaporating as efficiently when it is damaged by a burn. A beach umbrella provides shade and gives you a place to retreat from the sun.