isle of palms beach chair

Everyone loves a nice getaway on vacation with friends and family, but it can be exhausting packing and lugging all of the items you need to have a relaxing beach trip. Let us at Isle of Palms Beach Chair do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the beautiful beach of Isle of Palms. 


Here at Isle of Palms Beach Chair we professionally set up your commercial-grade beach lounge chairs and 7.5’ drill umbrellas on the beach daily. If you place an order before 7 pm we ensure your rental is set up by 9:30 am in the morning with a name tag attached to the beach chair. We will pick up your beach equipment after 5:30 pm. We service beach equipment to nearly every beach access point in the Isle of Palms and Wild Dunes. 

Types of Renting at Isle of Palms Beach Chair 

We have a variety of rental options, including daily, multiple-day, and weekly price breaks. Whatever the case may be we have just the right option for you and your family. 

What Does Isle of Palm Beach Chair Rent?

Not only do we rent beach chairs and umbrellas, but we also rent beach cruiser bikes, surf and boogie boards, and beach wheelchairs. We will meet all of your beach needs and more. All of our rentals are available with free delivery to anywhere in Isle of Palms, Wild Dunes, and Sullivan’s Island. 

Our staff takes pride in delivering only the best quality of equipment and allowing you to make the most of your vacation. You deserve it! You are not just a customer to us at Isle of Palm Beach Chair. You are family. This is why with each beach chair order we approach it with the same love and care we would use to take care of our own family. 

With over 20 years of business experience, we are sure you will have a pleasant experience with us. Whether you are looking to book for a week or a few days, Isle of Palms Beach Chair has exactly what you and your family need to have the absolute best vacation. 

Why Rent?

Reduces waste. Most umbrellas and chairs that are for sale at stores are made of plastic and inexpensive metal and do not last for long. The umbrellas for sale at stores around the area are not built to withstand the high winds of our cost on Isle of Palms. At Isle of Palms Beach Chair, our chairs are made in the USA from solid oak and our umbrellas are wood and marine-grade canvas. We reuse our umbrellas and beach chairs over and over. 

Book at Isle of Palms Beach Chair

So what are you waiting for? Do yourself and your family a favor by leaving the lifting to us so we can take on your stress for you. Now you have less to pack! We will meet you on the beach. Contact us today to book!