IOP Board

Looking to book a vacation at the beautiful Isle of Palms sometime soon? Come see us at IOP Beach Chair for all of your beach rental needs. Not only do we have beach chairs and umbrellas. We also have bodyboards, surfboards, and stand up paddle surfboards. It’s a hassle to pack these large items especially if you are traveling by plane. Let us at the IOP Beach Chair take a couple of items off your packing list and have your IOP board ready for pickup or believed to your place of stay. 


Going to the beach is always fun because there are so many things to do. You can sunbathe, bike, run, walk, or you can spice up your day with a bodyboard. Bodyboarding is known as the earliest form of surfing. The good thing about it is you can ride any type of wave. There is something about getting on a beach and only needing your body, some waves, your trusty bodyboard from IOP Beach Chair, there is no telling where the day will take you. Get your toes wet with one of our 37” bodyboards. Board includes a leash, suggested weight limit: 125lbs. $24 for the first week, $3/day after.


If you already have bodyboarding down go ahead and try surfing over your vacation. Surfing allows you to have a one of a kind experience when riding a wave, feel your adrenaline pump, and be on a beautiful beach. The more you surf the better you will be. Before you know it you will be teaching your friends and family how to do it. Surfing is a great sport to take up because there are so many different beautiful beaches and oceans in the world. When you take up surfing it gives you a reason to travel to new places. It is also a hobby where you are can focus on yourself and your strength to get you up on the board but you can also be surrounded by people on the beach or other parts of the ocean. Try out our 7’ and 9’ longboard, which includes a leash. The cost is $150.00 per week then $20.00 per day.

Stand Up Paddle Surfboard 

Bodyboarding and surfing board, not your thing? Look no further than paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is fun once you get the hang of it. When you stand up on the board for the first time you will feel so proud of yourself. Have the entire family come along for the adventure and yall can learn together. At IOP Beach Chair we offer an 11’ SUP, which includes a leash, paddle (1), and USCG-approved type 3 personal flotation device (1). Pricing is $180 for the first week, $22/day after.

Ready to try a new sport and reserve your bodyboard, surfboard, and stand up paddle surfboard from IOP Beach Chair? Contact us today and book online to reserve your IOP board. We offer free delivery on Isle of Palms, Wild Dunes, or Sullivan’s Island for most items we rent out. We look forward to hearing about how your love for these sports takes off.