Hello! My name is Katrina..

I have lived and worked in Charleston since 2006 and have witnessed the real estate market go through many changes. Living in many different parts of the Lowcountry, I’ve learned that the most unique characteristic about this area is how amazingly different each piece truly is. It is one life’s pleasures for me to help visitors navigate their way through this area- exploring off the beaten track, dining in local, non-tourist-traps and narrowing down the location of their dream vacation, retirement and forever home.

I specialize in Island Life…

During one of our moves, I discovered a “Career” paper I have written in my 9th grade Literature class in Michigan. On the top, in circled red ink, the teacher had written, “Please make sure to hang on to this and reread it throughout your life”. So, I did. I sat on a nearby dolly and reconnected with my younger-self. My career choices were a little off-the-wall, ranging from a professional kiteboarder to tiki bar owner. I giggled at my 14-year-old self’s naivety. But as I got to the end, that little girl shared some wisdom.

“Wherever I go and whomever I become, I’m sure I will be on some island strumming a guitar with sand between my toes. And, if nothing else, there is one thing I know- I will be happy.”


Ain’t that the truth.

Somehow, in the 15 years since writing (and forgetting about) that paper, here I am- on an island, working with the sand between my toes, with a partner and husband who shares my free spirit and a toddler who doesn’t stop smiling.

I hope to be the smallest part of your dream. Because for me, it started in Charleston.

Call or Text: 810-531-3644