Winter in Isle of Palms is peaceful, quiet, and slow, making it the perfect time for visiting! You can avoid the crowds while taking in the sites and seasonal beach activities. When you come to the beach in winter, you may find the temperatures too cool to swim and engage in other water sports like paddle boarding, but there are plenty of other beach activities to engage in.

Beach Bicycling

The hard-packed sand near the water line provides the perfect place to ride bikes. When you’ve had enough sand and waves lapping on the beach, take the bikes and explore the area with your family. IOP has plenty of bike-friendly areas to explore. Add a bicycle stroller to your bike to take the littlest family members along for the ride, and winter biking in IOP will be fun for the whole family.

Beach Jogging

There’s no better time than during the cooler weather to stretch and run along the beach. Jogging strollers are available for rent, making it easy to take even the littlest vacationers along. Enjoy the refreshing weather and the beautiful scenery while stretching your legs. The specially-made beach jogging stroller has larger wheels than traditional strollers, making it perfect for traveling along the sand.

Lounging on the Beach

Just because the water’s cooler doesn’t mean the sun and sand are any less relaxing. Lounge on the beach under a rented umbrella, in one of our comfortable beach chairs. Nap, converse, read, and relax during our quiet season, and enjoy a real vacation, uncluttered and uncrowded, in Isle of Palms.

Shoreside Games

Keeping the kids entertained while lounging on the beach is easy, even in the cooler-but-still-comfortable temperatures of winter. Beach-side games like cornhole are available for rental. Enjoy a cool drink while you lounge on the sand and soak in peaceful time with your loved ones. Sandcastles, long walks, and quiet relaxation await on your Isle of Palms vacation. Book today.