When you visit Isle of Palms, you’re sure to enjoy long, lazy days on the beach. With a little preparation and planning you can have a truly great day on the beach, soaking up every last moment of sun.

Plan for Shelter

When you’re lounging, it’s important to remember that a sunburn is not a fun way to spend the rest of your vacation. By renting an umbrella and chair, you provide yourself a home base, not only a place to stash your stuff while you splash in the waves, but a patch of shade reserved for you. Apply sunscreen liberally throughout the day, and retreat to your shaded space to avoid overheating.

Stay Hydrated

It may seem ironic to bring water to the beach, but a cooler filled with drinks helps stave off dehydration and keeps you moving throughout the day. Dehydration can induce headaches, mood swings, and even dizziness and fainting. Drink frequently throughout the day to keep your body functioning.

Plan for Sand

Sand is a fact of beach life, so it’s best to come prepared. Sand-proof bags will help keep the grains from populating any food you bring along. You’re bound to get some sand stuck in awkward places, so bring along a canister of talcum powder or corn starch. Sprinkle the powder on wet skin and gently brush the sand and powder away before dressing in your street clothes to remove nearly all of the sand.

Engage in Beach Activities

Swimming is just one of the options for your time on the beach. Surfing, biking, and body boarding are all great ways to enjoy day. Jogging strollers and dual bikes make it easier for families with young children to engage in biking activities. Explore all the Isle of Palms has to offer by visiting our walking trails and biking along the beach.

Take Breaks

A day at the beach can be physically challenging. Pay attention to your body’s signals and take breaks from the sun by retreating to a shaded spot, like under a beach umbrella. Don’t overdo your fun in the sun. Pace yourself and enjoy a laid back day on Isle of Palms.