Isle of Palms beaches

If there is one thing that can disturb a day at the Isle of Palms beaches, it is traffic, parking, and any other issues that may come up. Finding the best ways to get to the beach should not have to be a challenge. We want to make sure your day at the Isle of Palms beaches is as relaxing as possible from parking the car to packing up at the end of the day. Along with a smooth trip, you can find many other ways to enjoy the beach.    

Paths To Isle of Palms 

At IOP Beach Chair Co., we offer up the comfort and enjoyment of a day in the sand. However, we are also here to ensure you have a great experience all around. That is why we are here to share our tips on the best ways to enjoy the Isle of Palms beaches.  

Beat The Traffic 

Sitting in traffic on the way to the beach is hard to escape. There are certain ways that bring about traffic more so than others. However, the real way to avoid this annoyance is by timing your departure correctly. If you are leaving from Charleston, you can simply take U.S. 17 North to S.C. 217. From here, you will take S.C. 703 to the Isle of Palms. 

Getting an early start on the day is often visitors’ best chance of beating the most traffic. However, it also may be beneficial to wait until later in the day when some of the beach rush has died down. Your most used map app can provide you with insight into how the traffic is looking on a given day as well. 

Find Ideal Parking

Once you have arrived at the beach, the next test is finding the best place to park. It is important to note what parking is allowed and what is not. The City of Isle of Palms has a whole page focused on giving visitors the best insight on parking. This can help you avoid a ticket and make the process easier from the get-go.  

Don’t Worry About Set Up

When you have so many other aspects of the day to worry about, take setup off the list. An easy way to do this is by trusting IOP Beach Chair Co., with your chairs and umbrellas for the day. With full service, we offer everything you need for the day. All you have to do is reserve the items online, and we will take care of the rest. At the end of the day, you can be confident in knowing that your setups will also be taken down. All of this is provided by us in the package you select. 

Try Out Some Local Retail  

A great thing about Isle of Palms is that there is so much more than only the beautiful beaches. From shops to fantastic restaurants, you can explore after getting your fair share of the sun and sand. Isle of Palms Explorer provides an extensive list of places to check out. You won’t even know how to fit in all of the ones you are interested in! 

Create A Plan

With all of these tips, the best way to get a handle on your trip is to create a plan. From the time of travel to the lunch plans, you can make sure you are fitting in each aspect that you do not want to miss. Sometimes, wandering around this beautiful location will make you want to try something you had not expected. That is why every plan can be open to change! 


Taking a trip to Isle of Palms is a great idea for anyone looking for a relaxing day. With these tips, your trip can be as relaxing as possible. You can simply lounge in your IOP Beach Chair Co. rentals and soak in the sun! Looking to reserve umbrellas and chairs for summer celebrations? Reserve them now through our website