Benefits of Beach Equipment Rentals

Feeling like lounging on the beach on Isle of Palms this summer, but not looking forward to the daily setup and breakdown of all your beach gear? Fortunately, renting beach equipment can make your trip to the beach more worry-free, and the benefits of beach equipment rentals on the Isle of Palms are simply a no-brainer.

These conveniences include the following:

Early Setup

During the peak summer months, the beaches on Isle of Palms can become packed. By renting beach equipment, all your gear will be set up early, so you’ll have an ideal spot when you arrive. So, if you’d rather have a lazy morning before hitting the beach, beach equipment rental is the way to go.

The Best Gear

With a professional beach gear setup service, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the highest quality umbrellas and chairs available. Low-quality umbrellas don’t provide ample protection from UV rays like commercial umbrellas do, and rental beach chairs are made to be as stable and comfortable as possible.

Focus on Family and Fun

The frustration of setting up an unwieldy canopy and constantly trying you stabilize your chairs can take your attention away from why you came to the beach in the first place – to enjoy time with the ones you love. Save yourself these headaches and focus on what really matters with a beach equipment rental service.

Attentive Staff

We’ll notify you when your gear is ready each morning and of any weather concerns. You’ll have a server to help you with any complications, and if you want information about restaurants or delivery services in the area, the staff can help with that, too.

Less to Carry Home

No need for packing your car to the roof when renting beach equipment is an option. All you’ll have to remove from your area are your trash and personal items. That means you don’t have to mess with wet, sandy gear or a thorough vacuuming of your vehicle when you get home.

Money Saver

IOP Beach Chair Company is offering amazing summer deals for beach equipment rentals on Isle of Palms! From high-quality chairs and umbrellas to boards, bikes, and even beach-friendly wheelchairs, we can take all the hassle off your shoulders. Contact us today to place your order so you can truly relax and see the benefits of beach equipment rentals.