What better way to spend time on Isle of Palms than relaxing at the beach, watching the waves roll in? Whether you come to the beach to enjoy paddle boarding, cruise the area on bikes, or just want to take it easy on your own beach chair, Isle of Palms Beach Chair Company has you covered. When you rent our premium beach chairs, you don’t have to worry about carrying your beach chair to the sand, setting up, or tearing down at the end of the day. Our rentals include delivery, set up, and removal.

More Days, Lower Price

Whether you’re staying at the beach for the day or the week, we have a package for you. Rent your beach chairs and umbrellas for as many days as you like, and they’ll be conveniently delivered and set up each day for you. As a bonus, the more days you rent, the lower the cost per day. So, plan ahead for your visit and enjoy your entire stay at Isle of Palms and Wild Dunes beach.

Why Premium Beach Chairs?

There’s nothing worse than getting sand in  your suit. A beach chair and umbrella not only stakes out your space on the sand, it provides you a welcome relief from the direct sun and a place to sit and relax in between swimming and splashing. Rent as many chairs and umbrellas as you like with our flexible packages.

More than Just Chairs

We offer more than just beach chairs for rest and relaxation. Bikes and accessories, including child carriers, surf products like stand up paddle boards, and even beach-friendly wheelchairs are also available. We provide the equipment you need to fully enjoy your stay, and you don’t have to worry about carrying, hauling, setting up, or taking down any of it. Rentals couldn’t be easier with IOP Beach Rentals. Contact us today for your instant quote and to reserve your equipment.