When it comes to getting ready for your Isle of Palms beach vacation, you can never be too prepared. Packing and hauling all your gear can be challenging, especially if you’re into surfing or biking. Luckily, most of the items you need to fully enjoy your days lounging in the sand are easy to rent. Rentals remove the need to try to pack bulky gear like bikes and surfboards into your vehicle, and beach chairs and umbrellas are set up and waiting for you when you arrive, making your beach days hassle-free. We even offer corn-hole games to make your day memorable.

Beach Chairs and Umbrellas

Stake your claim to your little square of sandy paradise by renting your own beach chairs and umbrellas. The chairs and umbrella are set up for you, ready for your arrival. Enhance your rental package by adding additional chairs, and make room for the entire family to take breaks in the shade. What better way to enjoy the sand and sun than relaxing in your own beach chair?

Bikes and Accessories

When visiting the beach, there’s more to life than just sand and water. The firmly-packed beaches make an ideal place for riding bikes, and we have rentals suitable for the entire family. From adult-sized cruisers to children’s bicycles, to tow-behind strollers for the tots and tandem bikes, we have a full lineup of cycles and accessories.

Surf and Paddle Boards

Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a new enthusiast, IOP Rentals offers surf and paddle boards that are sure to provide you hours of splashing fun. Take a board out on the gentle waves and learn to surf, or paddleboard your way through the water. Either way, you’re sure to have a good time.

Wheelchairs and Other Accessibility Options

Standard wheelchair wheels are not designed for travel through sand. We offer wheelchair rentals with wider wheels, designed to move more easily across the beach. Other accessibility options are also available. Contact us today for full details.