First time paddle boarders may find that their first trip out on their rental board is more challenging than they had imagined. With a few tips and a little practice, however, you’ll find paddleboarding a rewarding sport that’s not too hard to master. Luckily for you, IOP Beach Chair Company has great paddle board rentals!


Leash up Your Board

The leash connects you to your board and prevents it from floating away if you happen to fall off! A leash may feel a bit awkward to beginners at first, but when you’re in the water and need to retrieve your board, you’ll be glad you used one! All of our paddle board rentals are equipped with a leash!


Facing the Fins

The first and perhaps most important tip is to be sure the paddleboard is facing in the correct direction! Looking at the board itself may not give a clear clue as to which end should go forward. Simply pick the board up and look underneath- the fins will point you in the right direction. With the fins toward the back, they’ll help guide the board through the water, helping keep it stable.


Paddle With Your Core

The instinctive paddler uses their shoulders and elbows to paddle, but this technique quickly becomes tedious and tiring. Instead, paddle using your core muscles. Move at the waist rather than just at the shoulders and elbows, pushing the paddle through the water relying upon your strong stomach and back muscles for power. By using your core muscles you’ll find you tire less quickly, can paddle longer, and feel more stable on your board.


Expect Falls

Paddle boarding means riding a lightweight board out onto uneven water. There are currents, waves, and ripples that will move the board, requiring you to keep your balance. Even the most seasoned boarder falls. Practice falling in calm water, working on avoiding the board on the way down. That practice will serve you well when you begin tackling bigger challenges like larger waves.


Paddle Board Rentals — Isle of Palms, SC

We hope we can make your experience at Isle of Palms even better with our rental options! If you have any questions about our rental options, don’t hesitate to contact us!