With acres of packed sandy beaches, and a quiet community with plenty of places to explore, riding bikes is a great way to get around in Isle of Palms. Take a cruise along the beach or visit the local shops. From beginning riders to experienced bike enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone on Isle of Palms.

Bikes for the Family

Isle of Palms Beach Rentals offers a variety of bikes suitable for the entire family. From our 26 inch adult model down to the 20 inch youth size, there’s a bike to fit every rider. What better way to relieve the kids’ boredom with endless days on the beach, than to take them on a cruise at the water’s edge? Explore the beaches in style, while riding along the hard-packed sand.

Tow Behinds

Our rental options include a bike trailer stroller, a fully enclosed stroller that attaches to the adult sized bike. For children who are too young to ride along with the family, the bike trailer provides a sheltered, safe ride. We also offer child-sized bike seats that mount safely to the back of the adult model bikes, for older toddlers. Our Tag-a-long accessory adds a second bike seat and pedals to the adult model, allowing for tandem riding.

Strollers and Accessories

We offer the full lineup of rental bike gear at IOP Rentals. For those who prefer running to biking, we also have a jogging stroller. This rental is perfect for runs or slower strolls along the beach. The large rubber wheels are ideal for walking on the packed sand, and don’t sink in like the small plastic wheels on traditional strollers. We also offer bike accessories, like baskets and helmets. Make the most of your IOP vacation by getting out and exploring the area with the whole family.