Heading off to the beach in Isle of Palms is exciting. You’re looking forward to a day of swimming, paddle boarding, biking, and fun in the sun. You’ve remembered to pack plenty of drinks, a beach blanket for basking on, and a full spectrum, 30 SPF or higher sunscreen. You’re ready for your day at the beach, right? Wrong. You are forgetting your beach umbrella!

The sun at the beach is not just beating down from above; it’s also heating up the sand and reflecting off the water, giving you a double dose of skin-baking UV-A and UV-B rays. Sunblock, repeatedly applied throughout the day, helps, but it’s not a full proof solution against sunburn. What you really need is a nice patch of shade to cool the sand under your feet and give you some much-needed relief from the sun. That’s where IOP Beach Rentals comes in.

A beach umbrella helps stake out a little patch of personal heaven. When you’re done splashing in the waves, a beach chair under your umbrella makes the perfect place to doze, shaded from the sun’s punishing heat. If you have little ones, this patch of shade becomes even more precious as the day wears on and their delicate skin requires more protection than even the best sunscreen can offer.

Beach Umbrella Rentals – IOP Beach Chair Company

When you come to the Isle of Palms and visit our expansive stretches of sand, sun, and waves, be sure you have all the equipment you need for a truly luxurious stay. Paddle boards, beach bikes, beach chairs, beach umbrellas and more are available for rent, to make your stay in Isle of Palms even more memorable.