benefits of bike riding

Are you planning a getaway this fall with your family and unsure of where to book your stay? Isle of Palms is a great vacation destination located outside of Charleston, SC. There are plenty of activities to do where the whole family can be active. IOP Beach Chair offers bikes for rent, which are a hit for everyone. In this blog, we will be addressing 6 health benefits of bike riding. 

Uplift Your Mind and Spirit 

When you ride your bike it can reduce stress and depression. Endorphins are released when you exercise, which will cause your self-esteem and confidence to improve. Some long-term studies show that people who reported high levels of activity in their daily lives were at significantly lower risk for depression. Being outside and enjoying the fresh air is great for your spirit. As you pedal you can appreciate the view of the beautiful IOP beach at sunrise, sunset, or during the day. No matter the time of day you will always have a pretty view with a breeze in the fall.

Lose Body Fat and Have a Leaner Physique 

Biking allows muscles to be built especially in the quadriceps. Additionally, you are building and toning the hamstrings, glutes, and calves. When you bike you are receiving a full-body workout even though you may not realize it. You activate your core, arms, and shoulders as you balance the bike. 

Good for the Environment 

Using your own leg power as your gas saves fuel costs. Biking is also a noiseless mode of transportation that can decrease noise pollution. 

Lower Risk of Cancer

Biking as well as other physical activities such as running and eating lots of greens, lean proteins, and whole grains allow you to maintain a healthy weight, lowering your risk of cancer. 

Create Healthy Heart

This exercise makes your heart beat faster, thus decreasing blood pressure and lowering your resting heart rate. Biking gives you the same cardiovascular rewards as you would get from walking, running, or dancing.

Increase Social Activity 

No matter your age you probably learned how to bike at some point in your life. Biking is a great way to have an activity for everyone in the family. Grandparents, kids, and parents can all bike together. If you take on cycling you can meet new people that have similar interests. It is a fun activity that doesn’t feel like a chore 

Reserve your Bikes 

These 6 benefits from bike riding should have you ready to go for a ride. At IOP Beach Chair we offer bikes for adults, children, as well as trailer add-ons. We have the equipment to accommodate the entire family on your beach vacation. You can book through our website and will drop off and pick up your bike at your location on Sullivan’s or IOP. We look forward to meeting you!