beach in the fall

The times of sweltering days in the sun are (almost) over. As fall starts to feel cooler and cooler, we love finding new ways to enjoy the beach. Any season can be beach season if you are thinking of creative ideas! IOP Beach Chair Co. knows a lot about days at the beach, no matter what time of year it is. That is why we are here to provide you with five ways to enjoy the beach in the fall. 

Enjoying The Beach In The Fall

Embrace The Cooler Days

We know that sitting in the sand in the summer heat can make it difficult to enjoy. When the fall season starts, it is a nicer time to spend the day in the sand without combatting heat exhaustion. The best way to match this is with chair set-ups with us at IOP Beach Chair Co. We can provide you with the level of comfort you seek at the beach, and you do not have to worry about carrying heavy chairs or lugging everything back to the car after relaxing. Once you reserve your choices online here, you can start planning the rest of your day, knowing that the seating is covered. 

Have A Fire On The Beach

When the nights are cooler, it is the perfect time to have a fire on the beach. Whether you gravitate towards a savory dinner or a sweet smores dessert, you can create a great time for anyone! By bringing some blankets and necessary supplies, you can have the ideal bonfire for the whole family and friends. This is a great way to use the beach in the fall in a way that is just as fun as in the summer! 

The list we have linked here provides you with five beaches in South Carolina that allow you to have bonfires right on the sand. It can become a tradition you carry on for the fall seasons to come! 

Take Advantage of the Smaller Crowds

During the fall season, beach attendance drops tremendously. This allows you to find the best spot on the beach without feeling smushed between multiple groups of people. You may even be able to have more space for games and activities such as spike ball! 

Plan A Party 

Now that the summertime has calmed down, the fall parties can get started! There are so many themes that can go with the fall season. However, one of our favorites is Halloween! What better way to enjoy the beach in the fall than to plan a costume party that allows everyone to wear their favorite costume while feeling the sand between their toes. 

Decorate Pumpkins 

You can go to the local grocery store and get a few pumpkins to decorate on a towel on the beach. Once you have gotten all of the necessary supplies, you and your friends can spend time together while also creating a decoration for your home. It may seem like a sandy experience, but it leads to great ideas connected to the pumpkin theme, whether you make them beachy or scary for the Halloween season. 

Summer is not the only time to enjoy the sand! Spending time on the beach in the fall can bring some of the year’s best memories. It is all about what you decide to do! As people who frequent the beach every season of the year, our team at IOP Beach Chair Co. has learned a thing or two about the perfect beach activities. Do you want to start planning your perfect fall beach day? Start with checking out the exciting rental opportunities we have available on our website