winter activities

Fantastic days in a place like the Isle of Palms aren’t only for the summer. The start of the holiday season is the perfect time to plan winter activities for the whole family. You may wish for the hotter temperatures that make beach days the best, but we know plenty of other ways to achieve a great day. 

From spending time in the sand to driving around the fantastic neighborhoods, our team at IOP Beach Chair Co. has spent many years getting to know the area. We’ve spent the seasons testing the waters, so you don’t have to! Winter activities are here for the taking. 

Don’t Miss These Isle of Palms Winter Activities 

Isle of Palms Holiday Street Festival

The first of the winter activities that you cannot miss is the Isle of Palms Holiday Street Festival. On Saturday, December 3rd, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., the front beach of Isle of Palms hosts this fantastic event. Children even have the opportunity to see Santa Claus! As if that was not enough, there are arts and crafts, various food vendors, and live entertainment to keep the night going. The whole family can find something to do and eat. 

Festive Bike Rides On The Beach

One of our favorite products for the winter is the beach bike! With tons of accessories to add on, you can have a basket, child seat, trailer, and even a tag-a-long. There are many different sizes to choose from that can ensure the whole family can safely ride. We even offer child bikes with training wheels! When the weather has gotten cooler, people can often ride longer and further on the beach bikes without overheating at the same rate as in the summer. 

Winter activities that keep you outside and on the beach can make sure you appreciate the beautiful place you live or vacation for the whole year. You can see all the sights on the beach as you ride on the bike! This could even be the perfect time to get your family members interested in biking. The little ones will love riding on the training bikes or in the add-ons! It will be a great way to get moving this holiday season. 

Looking At The Neighborhood Lights 

After a day at the beach, the way home can be one of the best winter activities. Isle of Palms knows how to decorate for the holidays, so you can drive around looking at how homes have chosen to decorate this year. You could even make a game out of it and have the whole family decide on what their favorite home decorations are. Some houses may even allow you to encounter those lights that change as the song does! If you don’t want to leave the beach yet, you can see the lights as you walk down the sand. There are so many ways to encounter the holiday spirit. 

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year, even at the beach. You do not have to limit your time in the sun and sand to just the summertime. Once you look at these winter activities, you may start to find that it is your favorite time to get out there on the Isle of Palms! Are you interested in booking some activities for the winter season? IOP Beach Chair Co. has got you covered with everything you may need. Check out our website or give us a call at (843) 670-1009 for more information.